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American Deck Co. is proud to offer and install some of America’s leading brands in outdoor living materials. All materials used by American Deck Co. are fully suited for outdoor use and resistant to decay and insect infestation.

Our Materials

Pressure Treated (PT) Southern Yellow Pine

Least expensive of the material choices. Very strong and durable. Always used for deck frame regardless of the surface, rail or stair material. This product does have a tendency to split, check and warp, and starts out greenish/brown, but eventually turns to a brownish/gray shade.

Red Cedar (STK) Sound Tight Knots Allowed

About 25% more expensive than a PT deck. Relatively soft wood (scratches and gauges more easily). Contains many knots-has a “rustic” look. Less likely to split, check or warp. Starts out reddish/brown, turns to a brownish/gray color.

Red Cedar-D & Better (Almost Clear)

60% more expensive than pressure treated wood. Same as STK, but almost no knots.


60% more expensive than PT. A furniture quality hardwood. Virtually no knots and less likely to splinter, split or warp. Very strong and stable. All connections are predrilled and screwed together. Starts out golden/brown and eventually turns a light brown hue.


110% more expensive than PT and the best decking lumber available. Very little tendency to splinter, split or warp. Virtually flawless, this product is the strongest and hardest of all the materials. All connections are predrilled and screwed. At installation, this product starts out reddish/brown and turns silver gray over time.

Capped Composite Decking: Trex, Fiberon, Timbertech, Zuri, and more

80-100% more expensive than PT. Composite material made from wood and plastic. WILL NOT splinter, split or warp! Very little maintenance required! This product will hold up better than any of the woods over time. Deck frame needs to be wood. The new generation in materials for decks. Almost no maintenance and many brands, colors and wood grains available. Extremely stain, mold and fade resistant.

PVC Decking: Azek, Fiberon, Timbertech, Zuri, and more

80-100% more expensive than pressure treated. Similar to Capped Composite Decking but no organic material “wood pulp.” Not quite as strong as Capped Composite.

Additional Notes

Price comparison are approximations and refer to Total Job Cost for a deck with railings and stairs. Prices can fluctuate with the lumber market. All wood exposed to the sun will usually turn gray if not maintained.

According to the US Forest Products Dept., NO wood should be left unprotected by a coating for any length of time. All wood decks should be sealed when dry (typically within two to four weeks) after construction. DO NOT let your deck weather for six months or a year as some people incorrectly suggest.

If you have any questions regarding our premium materials or would like to discuss your next outdoor living project, please contact us at 203-791-8345 today!